Instant Kitchen Upgrades

Instant Kitchen Upgrades

When you’re decorating a new home, usually the entryway, living room, and bedrooms are first on the list. But once you’re done fluffing the throw pillows and placing the coffee table books just so, take a hard look at your kitchen: Is it as curated as the rest of your home?  

While it’s important to prioritize function-first details in the kitchen, that doesn’t mean it has to be an aesthetic afterthought. Ahead, the kitchen essentials that every cooking space should have—not just because they’re practical as ever, but because they’re pretty nice to look at, too.   


Linen Napkins 

Let’s be real: We’re too old to use paper towels for napkins! Real cloth napkins are obviously more sustainable than disposables, but they also make any meal feel fancier, even if it’s just scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.  

The Right Dish Soap 

We’re not going to wax poetic about dish soap, but the right bottle sitting next to your sink can take it a long way upstream. A good smelling dish soap that cuts through grease, is gentle on your skin, and looks fantastic next to your sink is hard to pass up. Sometimes the smallest additions can make or break a setup, even at a glance. 

A Stylish Kitchen Towel 

Answer me this, are your current kitchen towels plastered with Live Laugh Love? We’re not here to rain on your parade but it’s bringing you down. This highly absorbent, restaurant-quality kitchen towel has a modern and classic appeal. It’s pretty enough to pull double-duty as an oversized dinner napkin. 

A Ceramic Tray (or Two) 

We love these because they’re elegant, they go with everything and they get the job done. They come in two different sizes depending on how much soap you like to keep around. We personally like the larger one for our hand soap-dish brush set and a smaller one for keys, wallets and trinkets. 

Amber Glass Bottles 

What do we use these for? Pretty much everything you can imagine. We love to decant our cleaning products in the smaller size, as well as other kitchen essentials like extra virgin olive oil, or even plain old tap water with a trigger to water our hanging plants. 

Kitchen Sink Bundle 

Nothing pulls your sink-side style down faster than an ugly bottle of commercial hand soap. The Heirloom Kitchen Set instantly elevates your sink-side set up with our Heirloom dish soap, best-selling hand soap and matching hand cream. The porcelain tray protects your counters and keeps everything together.


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