9 Kitchen Essentials To Make Your Space As Chic As It Is Practical

9 Kitchen Essentials To Make Your Space As Chic As It Is Practical

When you’re decorating a new home, usually the entryway, living room, and bedrooms are first on the list. But once you’re done fluffing the throw pillows and placing the coffee table books just so, take a hard look at your kitchen: Is it just as calming as the rest of your home?


While it’s important to prioritize function-first details in the kitchen, that doesn’t mean it has to be an aesthetic afterthought. Ahead, the kitchen essentials that every cooking space should have—not just because they’re practical as ever, but because they’re pretty nice to look at, too.



  • Kitchen Sink Bundle

Nothing pulls your sink-side style down faster than an ugly bottle of commercial hand soap. The Heirloom Kitchen Set instantly elevates your sink-side set up with our Heirloom dish soap, best-selling hand soap and matching hand cream. The porcelain tray protects your counters and keeps everything together.


  • Linen Napkins

Let’s be real: We’re too old to use paper towels for napkins. Real cloth napkins are obviously more sustainable than disposables, but they also make any meal feel fancier, even if it’s just scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

  • Porcelain Tray

This neat little tray does more than just sit there, looking pretty (although it does that, too). This tray is specially designed to hold our bottles neatly at the sink side, protecting your surfaces and looking handsome doing it. (It’s also a great tray to put your rings on while you wash dishes.) 


  • Dish Soap

You'll love doing the dishes again with our beautifully fragranced soap packaged in a stylish, reusable bottle. Our natural dish soap easily cuts through grease and caked-on messes with effective dish cleaning power without the use of harsh chemicals. 


  • Brush Set

    These beautiful brushes make doing dishes a lot easier, thanks to the natural fibre bristles that will get every scrap, scrub, and stain without damaging your dishes, delicate glassware, or heritage cookware. Keep them near your cutting boards for a rustic vibe.


  • Porcelain Cup

Sure, this cup is *technically* for laundry detergent—but it’ll look just as great with a few flower buds on your kitchen island. 


  • Brass Straws

You can stow away these adorable brass straws—or you can create an adorable vignette next to the fridge and leave them on display with your spatulas and wooden spoons. 


  • Reusable Cup

Perfect for anyone with glass shelves, this chic, zero-waste coffee cup is an iconic and eco-friendly reusable cup for at home or on the go. Plus, it’s literally made out of coffee (coffee husk!), so it’s safe for us and the environment.