9 Surfaces You Probably Haven’t Cleaned In Months

9 Surfaces You Probably Haven’t Cleaned In Months

You change your sheets bi-weekly, dust your shelves every other Saturday, and never go to bed with dishes in the sink—but you might not be as clean as you think. There are dozens of surfaces throughout your home that you’re not cleaning as regularly as you should be. But don’t worry: It’ll only take a few minutes (and this reminder) to get you back on track. Ahead, nine surfaces you aren’t cleaning nearly as often as you should.  


Entryway Door & Handles  

You probably clean your bathroom door handles, your toilet bowl’s handle, and even your refrigerator door handle a few times a month. But don’t forget about your front door handle—or, if you live in an apartment, the entryway door. You probably can’t do it every day, but spritzing it few times a week with Travel Safe will keep outside germs out. If your front or back door is made of glass (as they typically are), clean the panels as much as you would a mirror inside your home. 

Your Laptop Keyboard, Phone, & Remote 

Surely you’ve heard these before: Just like you clean your remote control while tidying up, you should include your phone, laptop, and any other high-traffic electronics every week. This includes the buttons on your air conditioner, thermostat, or Nest camera. We like to use All-Purpose Cleaner for the keyboard, but Glass Cleaner leaves a truly streak-free shine on everything from a cell phone to a laptop or television screen. 

Your Keys and Credit Cards 

Your keys and cards could go their entire lives without ever getting a bath—but think about how much you touch them, how they float around in your purse without a care, and how you probably use your mouth to find the right one when your hands are full. Spritz them with some Travel Safe or cleaner and wipe them dry. Like, now. 

Your Handbag (Inside and out)

When’s the last time you cleaned your handbag? Give your bag a little wipe down with either All-Purpose Cleaner or Leather Cleaner, depending on its material, and let it dry in the sun for an added antibacterial effect. And don’t forget the inside! I empty my bag once a week and give the inside a spitz of Garment Groom, just to keep it tidy in there. 

Your Sunglasses 

Sure, your shirt works in a pinch, but wiping your sunglasses (or regular glasses!) down with something made specifically for glass will change your view. Literally.  

Your Dining Room Chairs 

If your dining room chairs have hardbacks—that is, they’re not completely upholstered—it’s probably time to give them a good wipe clean. The same goes for your leather computer chair. The tops and the arms get especially grimy, so depending on the material you’re working with, spritz All-Purpose Cleaner or Leather Cleaner onto a cloth, then wipe it clean.  


Adding these to the list won’t take long—I timed it, it’s about six minutes total—but keeping every high-traffic surface truly clean could save you a headache down the line.  


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