5 Wellness Products The Murchison-Hume Team Loves

5 Wellness Products The Murchison-Hume Team Loves

When Max founded Murchison-Hume, she did it with a singular mission: to make effective, natural-based products that are safe, sustainable, and stylish. And while most of those products are squarely practical items for the home, we take pride in stocking items that make being at home more pleasurable, too. That means that in addition to hand soaps, bathroom cleaners, and laundry detergent, we also stock dozens of items that hug the wellness space, like an invigorating dry brush, a daily cleansing supplement, and even an all-purpose herbal healing balm.  

We asked everyone on the team to pick their absolute favourite, but it’s not easy to pick a single one—so we picked a few. Ahead, the team’s must-have wellness products from Murchison-Hume and Heales.  

Measuring Cup 

“It’s not strictly a ‘beauty’ object, but I use the Ceramic Measuring Cup to hold my bamboo toothbrush and Dr Ginger’s Tooth Whitening Gel,” says Max Kater, Founder and Creative Director. “It makes me feel organized and grown-up, which is a good way to feel the first thing in the morning (and the last thing at night).” 

Skin Perfecting Dry Brush – Heales Apothecary 

“This is a great product to help start the day,” says Global Sales Manager Gertrude Ogega. “Waking up is usually a slow process for me; dry brushing increases blood circulation which helps wake the body up while providing gentle exfoliation.” 

Sisal Dry Brush 

“Its bristles are soft on the skin and it's strong enough to exfoliate the entire body,” says Ally Case, Murchison-Hume’s wholesale account manager. “It’s small enough to travel with anywhere, and adding dry brushing to my routine has been my favorite addition to my self-care routine.” 

Healing Balm 

“I use this all-purpose healing ointment on everything: bug bites, pimples, my sore neck and shoulders after a workout,” says editorial consultant Lauren Caruso. “I might be addicted to the minty smell.” 

Travel Safe Spray 

“I’ve gotten pretty particular about which hand sanitizers I use, and this one is both natural and non-drying,” Caruso says. “The lemon scent also smells amazing.” 

Is your favourite on the list? Let us know what your go-to product is by leaving a review, or messaging us on social @murchisonhume!  


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