Elevate Everyday Home Decor

Let's face it, the dirty dishes aren't going anywhere and the laundry basket will never stay empty for long. Don't fight it, embrace it and transform the 'everyday' into something special...

When Donna Hay listed our Heirloom Dish Soap as one of her favourite things she summed up our philosophy so perfectly: "I love bringing a little bit of luxury to even the most simple, everyday things in life - like washing up! So, I opt for natural soaps and sprays, statement packaging and products that are a little kinder to my skin."
Even the most mundane task can be transformed into something that sparks joy. In the kitchen some beautiful blooms in a pretty vase by the sink instantly lift the mood, while a chic glass bottle of natural dish soap takes doing the washing up to a whole new level. A special hand and tea towel set, fun soundtrack or a favourite candle to light whenever kitchen duty calls can turn an everyday chore into a happy ritual for the whole household.
Same goes for general cleaning, using products that look and smell divine puts a whole new spin on doing the housework. There's nothing pleasurable about using something that looks ugly and smells like harmful chemicals. Natural cleaners lightly scented with essential oils (and stylish enough to leave out on display) offer an entirely different experience...the delicious scent of our Basil, Mandarin and Kale Everything Laundry Soap will have you lining up to do another load! The feeling you get from knowing you're not exposing your family to nasty toxins is the cherry on top.
Of course everyone's different, you might find binge-watching your favourite series on Netflix while you do the ironing makes it feel like less of a chore, it's all about finding ways to turn 'negatives' into positively beautiful everyday experiences, because life's too short for anything less.