Winter Skin Survival Guide

Dry air, cold winds, heaters & hot showers...the cooler months really are tough on skin. Keep yours healthy and hydrated throughout Winter and beyond with these simple tips, and our gentle, nourishing Fragrance Free Range...

Do Moisturise: Ok so this one's pretty obvious but worth a reminder. Opt for products that include naturally nourishing ingredients to sooth and protect skin. Our Velvet Glove Hand Cream can be used all over and contains shea butter and natural seed oil to protect skin against dryness. Apply regularly, especially after washing hands and showering.

Do Hydrate: It's easy to forget to keep your fluids up in when the temperature drops, remember to hydrate from the inside out and reap the benefits in your skin and general well-being.

Don’t Overheat: Avoid really hot showers and excessive indoor heating where possible.

Don’t Irritate: Lower temps mean dry skin and dry skin means sensitivity. Avoid harsh ingredients that may aggravate sensitive skin, obviously this applies to soaps, creams and lotions that you apply directly, but don’t forget the other household items you come into contact with everyday, dish soap, laundry soap etc. 

Do Go Fragrance Free: If sensitive skin is a particular concern avoid heavily fragranced products that can cause irritation. Our Fragrance Free Hand Cream, Hand Soap and Dish Soap are ideal for dry and sensitive Winter skin.