GOOD HOUSE GUIDE for Hosts (and Guests)

GOOD HOUSE GUIDE for Hosts (and Guests)

You know how to choose a thoughtful Hostess Gift and write a heartfelt thank-you note. But do you really know how your Hostess likes to run her house down to the smallest detail? Of course not! Because she probably didn't tell you, and you were afraid to ask. 

Hosting and Guesting is a delicate dance, ripe with potential for making fun memories, but also for hurt feelings. For example, last Christmas, I overstepped and managed to offend my Hostess by cooking and cleaning too much! 

Obviously, I was horrified, but it was a valuable learning experience. The lesson? What you may regard as "helpful" might be perceived as a critique by your hosts. I’ve mostly redeemed myself after that terrible gaff, but it gave me the idea to create a household-specific Good House Guide.

Take the guesswork and social awkwardness out of the equation by filling out this form (it's free) and sending it to your house guests (good friends and family alike) ahead of their visit and you can all relax and enjoy a more stress-free time together. 

Delivered with good humor (and in advance, if possible), it won’t come across as bossy or boring. It's a God-send to your friends who are desperate to help but not sure how! 

Being clear about your preferences and expectations will help Hosts and Guests navigate the sometimes tricky choreography required for a better hosting experience all around.  

Happy Holidays (and good luck)! 

 Xx, mlk