Change Up Your Face-Washing Routine

Change Up Your Face-Washing Routine

If you’re struggling with a dull, or dry complexion, it might be time to change up your face-washing routine.  

Consider Heales’ elegant, organic option for your twice-daily ritualThis creamy, non-foaming cleanser has natural fruit acids that work to minimize some of the damage caused by central heating, sun exposure and other environmental pollutantsIt's like a reset button in cleanser form.  

prime my Konjac Sponge with warm water and then press it over my face to open up my pores for a deeper cleanse. Then I apply the cleanser to my sponge and work it in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water and always finish with at least 3 splashes of cold waterI pat dry (try not to rub your face) and follow with Heales Face Oil (before my daily sunscreen) to prime my skin for makeup and boost a more radiant glow.  My dry, sensitive skin drinks it up and keeps me glowing right through summer.  

Here's to a more radiant you!  


xx, mlk