Dish Brushes vs. Sponges: Which is Better?

Dish Brushes vs. Sponges: Which is Better?

It's an age-old debate, which is weird because it shouldn't be. Dish Brushes (especially compostable ones) are superior to washing dishes with a sponge in every possible way.

And before you say it, yes, we make Dish Brushes, but we make them because they are better. Of course, we could also make sponges if we wanted to! In fact, from a purely business POV, sponges are cheaper to manufacture and easier to ship, and the margins on them are astronomical compared to brushes. But sponges are gross and inferior to Compostable Dish Brushes.

Here are five reasons why: 

AESTHETICS: Dish Brushes reign supreme in the looks department. Unlike sponges, they boast a visually appealing design that remains intact after repeated use. Why settle for something that loses its charm after the first wash? 

DURABILITY: Compostable Brushes are built to last. With proper care, a natural bristle dish brush easily surpasses the lifespan of a sponge, especially when you take advantage of our Replacement Heads. Although it may not match the longevity of plastic brushes, we see it as an advantage. Plastic brushes can persist for 500 years, leaving a lasting environmental impact we can easily avoid by making more sustainable choices.  

SUSTAINABILITY: Plastic sponges contribute to microplastics pollution. These fragments are released into waterways or end up in landfills, posing risks to marine life and, eventually, our own well-being. By opting for a compostable brush, you actively reduce plastic pollution, making a positive impact from the comfort of your home. 

HYGIENE: Say goodbye to bacteria-infested sponges. The porous nature of sponges makes them prone to trapping and retaining bacteria, mould, and unpleasant odours. A Dish Brush provides a cleaner, more hygienic dishwashing experience, ensuring your kitchen remains a haven of cleanliness! 

VERSATILITY: Dish Brushes have a second act. After their dishwashing duties are complete, they find new life in various cleaning tasks. These versatile brushes will serve you well, from scrubbing toilets and tubs to tiles, flowerpots, or even tires. 

Upgrade your sink and bid farewell to your spongy science experiment. By choosing Dish Brushes, you're improving your dishwashing routine and actively contributing to the betterment of our planet, one dish at a time.

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