Dishwashing Counts as Meditation. Science Says So.

Dishwashing Counts as Meditation. Science Says So.

Picture this: Your kitchen on an ordinary evening. Yesterday’s lasagna pan is still hanging around with a couple of stray breakfast plates gazing wistfully at the dignified bottles of soap standing nearby in the “cool kids” section of the sink. Those dirty dishes need to be dealt with. It’s a tedious domestic task, but could it be something else? 

In the buzzy glow of under-cabinet lighting, an idea occurs: maybe the simple act of washing up can be more than a chore… perhaps it could be a sort of meditation?

Yes, you read it somewhere - In a recent study at Florida State University in the US, students found that when they washed dishes with mindfulness (!) and being fully present (!) and by concentrating on the task of just doing the dishes, they were practicing a sort of mundane meditation.

Researchers found that people who washed dishes mindfully by focusing on smelling the soap, feeling the water temperature, and touching the dishes increased their feelings of inspiration by 25% and lowered their stress levels by 27%.

See? Doing the dishes is actually good for your mental health. Don’t blame us! It’s science!

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By the way, the group that didn't wash the dishes mindfully did not gain any benefits from the task, but the dishes got clean anyway. #justdoit