Most people think of coriander (or cilantro as it's known in the US) as a herbal accompaniment to Mexican or Indian cuisine. But coriander is a delicious fragrance in its own right!

A first cousin to basil, it’s one of those sophisticated scents that are at once familiar yet hard to nail down. Perfect for those who don’t like traditional floral “fragrances,” this bright and clean botanical blend opens with fresh herbal greens and sweet citrus blossoms mingled with subtle floral and woodsy notes.  

Coriander Fragrance Oil

Our version offers a delightful sensory experience that instantly transports you to serene gardens bursting with fresh herbs and citrus blossoms. It’s a green, botanical fragrance that brightens any room and instantly refreshes damp or musty odours anywhere in the home.  


Art Deco Car Diffuser

Diffusers: Add a few drops of coriander fragrance oil to a water-filled diffuser or Oil Burner and let the aroma disperse throughout your space. You can adjust the intensity by controlling the amount of oil used. It's lovely in our Car Diffuser to keep your car interior smelling fresh.  

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls: Dap a few drops onto your Dryer Balls and run the tumble dryer on low or no heat for at least ten minutes. Your laundry will be subtly scented with a clean, fresh fragrance everyone loves.  

Potpourri and Sachets: Revitalize dusty dried flowers, potpourri, or fabric sachets with a few drops of coriander fragrance oil. Enjoy the renewed boost of fragrance as it infuses your surroundings with a gorgeous scent that lingers in the air but never overpowers.  

Lightbulbs: This old trick still works. Just dab a drop or two onto a cotton ball, swap the top of an LED lightbulb and turn it on. As the bulb warms, it will diffuse the scent throughout the room. Avoid using oil on traditional incandescent lightbulbs because they get too hot and may burn.  

Discover the alluring fragrance of coriander. It's a sleeper scent that deserves more attention than it receives.