Why Dish Brushes Are Better Than Sponges

Why Dish Brushes Are Better Than Sponges

Is there anything more gross than a kitchen sponge? They are literal Bacteria Farms. They hold tons of microbes in those little holes and if you don’t religiously clean it and let it dry out between uses, you are just spreading germs around.


Think of it this way: Brushes are for dishes, sponges are for cleaning. Even though I have a fresh eight-pack and even though I tell myself this sink-load of dishes will be the last until I swap it for a new one, the guilt of throwing out a likely impossible-to-recycle sponge combines with pure laziness and I “forget” to replace it. This dance would go on for weeks until I got sick enough of using a sponge with large chunks missing, or until my in-laws would come over for dinner—until I found these.

Complete with a dish brush, pot brush, and bottle brush, this beautiful set makes doing dishes a lot easier, thanks to the natural fiber bristles that get every scrap, scrub, and stain without damaging your dishes, delicate glassware, or heritage cookware. Plus, each of these zero-waste scrubbers will last at least ten times longer than your icky, slimy synthetic sponge—and they’re chic enough to leave on full display. The bristles are made from premium Mexican Palm fiber and real Beachwood and they’re 100% biodegradable and compostable, so you can sleep easy knowing you’re doing your part.

Best of all: In addition to the way the bottle brush magically erases stuck-on bits of breakfast, the bristles are softer than they look, so they’re fantastic for scrubbing fruits and vegetables clean. (I also like to keep an extra pot lying around to clean my porcelain sink and kitchen countertops.)

Just add a pump or two of dish soap to the bristles, then scrub away with ease. When you’re done, place the pot brush on a dish tray and the bottle and dish brushes in a canister alongside our signature amber bottles of Heirloom Dish Soap, Superlative Hand Soap, and Velvet Glove Hand Cream for a magazine spread-worthy sink situation. (That smug feeling that your kitchen is better than everyone else’s is right. Enjoy it.)

xx LC