Get Ready to Fall in Love with our new Dishwasher Sheets

Get Ready to Fall in Love with our new Dishwasher Sheets

I will admit that there's nothing particularly sexy about automatic dishwashing powder. It even sounds boring!

Dishwashing powder has been around since the 1950s and remained pretty much the same until Finish tablets hit the market in the 1980s. Tablets reigned supreme until those squishy plastic pods hit the market in 2012.

People love the convenience of Dishwasher Pods over messy gels and powders. But the thin plastic membrane that houses the gel has been turning up in our food chain—even breast milk (Ugh! I know).


Introducing Murchison-Hume's new Dishwasher Sheets – a more sustainable alternative to pods and powders. They're lighter and even more convenient than a pod but without the guilt of using them. 

Our Dishwasher Sheets have enzymes to clean your greasiest dishes, and they won’t leave that weird chalky residue on your plates the way powders can. Just throw one-half sheet in the bottom of the machine and the other half on the top rack with your glassware and run your machine. That’s it! 


Plastic pods are yesterday. Clean sheets are the way forward. This weekend, you can get a free Travel Size packet with every purchase of a dish soap related product (which still fits neatly inside the smallest under-the-sink situation).

You know what to do.

Xx, mlk