Hand Cream Hacks

Don't let the name fool you, our all-natural Hand Creams have you covered from head to toe!

Can You Use Hand Cream on Your Body?

Not just a Decidedly Rich treat for your hands, our plant-based Hand Cream doubles as a lush body lotion, with natural seed oils and shea butter nourishing and protecting your skin all-over.

Using Hand Cream for Your Feet

Indulging in a Netflix marathon this weekend? Get cosy, slather your feet with some of our famous Hand Cream and pull on some cotton socks for an easy, at home spa treatment. That way you can legitimately be multi-tasking while you hit “next episode.” You’re welcome.

Can You Use Hand Cream in Your Hair?

A genius hair hack to try today: Our Shea-butter Hand Cream is great for protecting color-treated or dry + frizzy hair in an updo or before a blow dry. Just slick on to smooth down flyaway frizzies (like those annoying baby hairs at the hairline and the back of your neck). It’s also the perfect thing to hydrate parched ends.

Give yourself a hand and keep one at your desk and each sink for instant hydration at your fingertips!