Home Decor Trends for 2022

Home Decor Trends for 2022

Like fashion and beauty, interior design trends come and go—and are only as relevant as you want them to be. Still, there’s some merit to paying attention to home trends: They can reinvigorate your creativity, and thereby, offer some much-needed inspiration for a revamp.  


But the biggest home trends of 2022 aren’t the same old rustic, farmhouse, or mid-century modern styles that have taken up all the shelf space in recent years. Instead, inspired by all the extra time we’ve been spending at home, they’re practical, experimental, and most of all, fun. Ahead, find the top three interior design trends we’ll see through 2022.  

1970s Decor 

While mid-century modern may have dominated the interior design world for the last few years, we’re finally moving on up to the ‘70s. But don’t lay down the wall-to-wall shag carpet just yet. Instead, take the best parts of the decade’s decor, like rich rust colorways, plush and ultra-comfortable furniture, interesting texture mashups, and earthy accents—and leave behind the rest. Don’t be afraid to ditch artwork or other traditional focal points in exchange for a larger-than-life indoor plant. (And, if for some reason you’ve been blessed with a sunken living room, please invite me over for cocktails.)  

Multi-Use Rooms 

Gone are the days of the sterile living room or the single-use man-cave (because why should men be the only ones with a playroom anyway? I digress…). Instead, as we’ve collectively spent more time working, living, and cooking at home, many have begun to make extra use of rooms for more than one dedicated purpose. That means it’s even more important to keep things organized and tidy in 2022.  

Beyond Neutrals 

While natural stones like travertine, concrete, and granite will always feel timeless, interior designers predict 2022 is the beginning of the end for untouchable, all-white rooms. This year, the beloved ‘neutral palette’ will expand to include warmer browns, cognacs, and caramels, which seep into our spaces in the form of plush furniture, rugs, and other soft surfaces. If you’re feeling apprehensive about letting go, know that creating visual interest through color doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with small-scale items like vases, coffee table books, and artwork.  

More importantly, don’t get caught up in trends: They’re not rigid rules to live by, but guides of inspiration.