how to clean your bathtub

How to Clean Your Bathtub

Almost no household chore is quite as dreary as cleaning the bathtub: No matter how young and fit you are, it's never easy to bend over long enough to thoroughly scrub the tub. Every time I do it, I swear off luxurious bath oils and scrubs forever—and then only keep my promise until Sunday night rolls around. But if you're looking to get the job done without the inevitable backache that comes with a clean tub, there's one trick you can do without fail.


It involves a little more effort at the outset, but if you make an effort to do it consistently, it becomes second nature. Once you drain the bath and step out of the tub, spray generously with Bathroom Cleaner.

Pay Special Attention to The Waterline

Let it sit while you dry off (and reapply your favourite bath oil) then wipe away. Letting it sit for a minute or two gives the cleaner more time to attack the oils left behind. Et Voila! The ring is gone, and your tub is clean. The best part is you did it without using any harsh, creepy chemicals that can leech into your skin the next time you're marinating in a hot bath.

Our Bathroom Cleaner is cute enough to leave out, which makes it easier to do after each bath. Now, you can take a relaxing, body-melting bath with all the luxurious oils, bath salts, and bubbles you want and still have a spotless bathtub at all times. #cleverboots

xx, mlk