How To Have A Proper Self-Care Sunday

How To Have A Proper Self-Care Sunday

It’s likely been a while since you’ve had some “me” time—especially with everyone spending more time around the house. If you’re long overdue for a self-care Sunday, say no more: Here are some of our favourite products that are made for pampering—including a few we’ll find any excuse to use every day.  



Heales AHA Cleanser 

Half the time, we swipe a makeup wipe over our faces and dive head-first into the pillows, but this organic AHA cleanser changed all that. Not only does it deep cleans, treats, and refines your complexion with every use, but its natural fruit acids leave you with firmer, smoother, and refreshed skin. We like to use it with a konjac sponge or facecloth and warm water for the full experience. 

Heales Makeup Melt 

This blend of rich fruit oils gently breaks down dirt, sunscreen, and makeup, while Rosella flower extract brightens and corrects minor imperfections. 

Heales Konjac Sponge 

Made from the root of the Konjac plant, this ultra-fine textured sponge is perfect for daily use. It gradually improves skin texture and helps to minimize dry patches, acne and blackheads. It’s like a mini facial each time you use it. 



Heales Fascia Brush 

Speaking of dry brushing, this fascia “brush” has little wooden nubs designed to massage and smooth out the connective tissue beneath the skin. Regular use can help boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and even reduce the appearance of cellulite. We like to use it right after a hot bath or shower and with Heales Body Oil to help the brush glide easily over your skin. 

Heales Body Wash 

Some liquid Castile soaps feel, well, anything but luxurious. This one is silky, thick enough to shave with, and leaves skin feeling super smooth. 



Germanikure 4PC Glass Manicure Set 

The perfect start to a self-care Sunday, these genuine Bohemian glass files shape, smooth, and seal (!) the edge of your nails simultaneously. They are so fine, you can file in both directions without fraying or gouging nails.  

Heales Nail Detox Kit  

This all-natural, anti-fungal + restorative treatment for both nails AND cuticles brightens nail plates, fights infection, and keeps the skin around your nails and toenails soft and supple. Plus, It’s the best detox you can get between manicures and pedicures. The glass roll-on bottle means we can use it at home, or on the go. Our naked nails look so good; we rarely even bother with polish anymore. 



Heales Restorative Hair Oil 

This lightweight blend of nourishing oils to protect, hydrate, and style your hair—and even though it’s great for daily use, we like to use it as a hair mask on lazy days.  

Heales Shampoo Bar 

Once a week, we like to swap out our regular shampoo for this certified organic clarifying treatment as a natural detox for your hair & scalp. The peppermint + tea tree oils feel tingly clean and smell amazing.  


Pour a glass of wine, run the bath, and enjoy your self-care day! 

xx L