How To Make Spring Cleaning More Sustainable

How To Make Spring Cleaning More Sustainable

You always opt for the reusable water bottle, ditched plastic straws and cutlery years ago, and couldn’t imagine showing up to the farmer’s market without your own tote—but how sustainable is your cleaning routine? Now that it’s time to get knee-deep into spring cleaning, it’s a great opportunity to revamp how you approach everything from washing the floor to keeping your laundry smelling fresh.


And while you might be tempted to rush out and restock on supplies—which isn’t a wholly bad idea!—instead, take a step back and analyze your go-to products and behaviours holistically. Are you throwing out a plastic bottle each time you finish using your glass cleaner? Do you go through half a dozen rolls of paper towels cleaning out the garage? Here are three easy ways to make your cleaning routine more sustainable.

Use Concentrates

Ok, we’re not just saying this because we sell them—we sell them because we wish they existed more widely with good-for-you ingredients! Prioritize sustainability with our natural and effective cleaners in a concentrated formula. Each one makes two regular-sized bottles—just pour half of the mini concentrate into an empty 17oz (500ml) spray bottle and add water. Our All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is strong enough to tackle everyday dirt, grime, and surface stains, without the use of harsh chemicals, while our pet-and-family-friendly Floor Cleaner Concentrate is safe for use on any type of floor not harmed by water.

A little bit of concentrate goes a long way, so this little bottle lasts a lot longer than the bigger bottle. Plus, it’s an easy way to cut down on plastic waste.

Use Refillable Bottles

Not only is it Earth-friendly, but it’s every organiser's best styling trick: Decanting your favourite products into glass amber bottles reduces both plastic waste and visual clutter. Use our DIY Labels to decant your shampoo and conditioners, body wash, bath salts, dish soap, hand soap and our new refill concentrates to give your shelves a more uniform look. We also recommend the use of a small funnel to make decanting easier.

Buy In Bulk

Buying in bulk may seem like an easy way to create clutter in your home, but if you have the storage, it’s also an easy way to save money while also making sure you won’t run out and be stuck doing an expensive and timely supply run at an overpriced supermarket. Instead, grab out best-selling surface cleaners—All-Purpose, Floor, and Bathroom—in a bundle of concentrated formulas. Again, because each one makes two regular-sized bottles, you’ll go two times as long between repurchasing—plus, they’ll give your shelves a more uniform look.