How To: Visually Declutter

How To: Visually Declutter

If you’ve ever watched any TV renovation show, you’ve seen how stylists magically transform clutter into a smooth vignette of calm organized gorgeousness, etc. At the turn of every season, I like to have a go-around at the house where I can deep clean and declutter. However, even after purging my entire house, it still lacks the harmony and blissful organization of those super-organized homes that populate my Instagram feed. Why? Visual Clutter.

The easiest way to achieve a home with less clutter is by having less stuff. And while it’s much easier to clean surfaces with fewer things on them, the “minimalist approach” isn’t always achievable in real life. We have our nonnegotiable products, the ride or dies that we will simply never part away from. These few styling tricks will help you destress and declutter without having to make any drastic cuts.

Make sure everything has a place

Places like your pantry, cabinets or closets are a great place to start. Establishing a more permanent home for your objects will easily lend to a more organized home  and lifestyle. By doing this, you will assure that over time things won’t get lost and that you won’t be in a scramble when trying to locate things.

Clear the Counters

This will instantly help elevate your kitchen. A clean countertop will make for a more approachable space and will make cleaning your surfaces a much easier task. Let's face it all you really need is a nice sink-side setup, a good dish brush, and really not much more. 

Decant into Uniform Containers

Let’s face it: Some of our favorite products just have bad packaging that might actually be visually cluttering your space. Amber Bottles are the workaround. Decant your favorite shampoos, bubble baths, sprays and more into our Premium Amber Glass Bottles. (We recommend using a brass funnel for an easier clean up.) Get a few, decant and revel in your visually-organized joy.

Opt for Trays

A neat little tray does more than just sit there, looking pretty (although it does that, too). Placing your everyday items such as your keys, pens, or even your sink-side essentials will help your space look less clutter without even trying. Not only will it protect your surfaces in high traffic areas, but you can also use it as a catch-all for jewelry or a hot cup of tea on your nightstand; perfect for any room of the house.


While having a clutter-free home feels like a large chore, it really doesn’t have to be. Once you’ve found a place for everything, maintaining it is easy! Let your clean home become a habit.

Xx, mlk