Huskee To-Go Cups

Huskee To-Go Cups

Here’s a fact to go with your morning cup of Joe: 500 billion disposable coffee cups are produced every year. That’s billion with a B 

We’ve managed to train ourselves to (mostly) bring reusable shopping bags to the store and even carry our own re-useable straws. This is the next level habit in the war against SUPs: single use plastics.  

We like our chic water bottle, but the travel coffee mugs were just…fugly. We found one that ticks all of our boxes: environmentally, practically and aesthetically.  

These Australian café style coffee cups can be used for hot or cold beverages, and are literally made out of recycled coffee husks! Talk about full circle. They’re basically insulated sippy cups for grownups. We’re obsessed.  

Not only does our cup look good on the go, the ergonomic design looks and feels so good in your hands.  

We don't need more convincing than that. Now you can drive up and drink up, guilt free.  


8oz. With lid.