I’m a Beauty Editor and This is What I always have in my Carry-On.

I’m a Beauty Editor and This is What I always have in my Carry-On.

It’s hard to imagine while we’re in Lockdown, but the world will eventually open up to us again, and we want to be ready when it does!  As a Beauty + Market Editor, I get a lot of swag to try. Some things are good, some are great (and some get re-gifted). It's been a minute since most of us have been on a plane, so I've decided to share the few must-have products I always have in my bag when travelling.  

T-Shirt Face Masks 

Masks aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Even when mandates are lifted, you'll still need one on public transportation. Other private businesses like malls, supermarkets, and gyms may still require them.  Sold in a pack of five and pre-washed in California so they're ready to wear right out of the packet.  The 100% cotton jersey knit fabric is as soft and comfy to wear as your favourite T-Shirt. 

Universal Mask Straps

And if you're going to have to wear a mask—you might as well make sure it fits well. It fits any mask with ear loops. This strap ensures a snug fit, takes the pressure off of the back of your ears and distributes it more evenly across the back of your head. Plus, it keeps your mask handy, right where you need it.  

Travel Safe (obviously). 

This is my ultimate must-have, even when I’m not flying. I use it on everything from restaurant menus to Uber seats and even spray it on my hands as a sanitiser until I can wash my hands properly.   

Mata Balm. 

I use this balm the way they use Windex in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." It’s like a mini First-Aid Kit in a jar. I use it on everything. Pimple forming? Mata Balm. Sunburn? Mata Balm. Insect bite? You get the idea.   

Hurraw Vegan Lip Balm

This may be the world’s best lip balm. Created out of a singular obsession to achieve healthy lip balm nirvana, these gorgeous tubes are hand-poured in small batches using only premium raw, vegan and organic ingredients—and they’re perfect for on-the-go lip hydration 

Flash Shiner Block 

Sure, a nail shiner doesn't seem like an absolute essential but keep in mind that it's also a regular nail file, too—just with some added capabilities. We don't exactly recommend going at it on the train, but if you're commuting in the car, you're just five minutes away from a glossy, buffed manicure.  

Mason Pearson Comb

You’ll never regret throwing this iconic Mason Pearson comb into your bag for on-the-go touchups. It’s a worthy investment for something you will use multiple times each day. 

Garment Groom Mini. 

This is another must-have I'm never without. I have one in the car, in my bag and always tuck this into my luggage when I'm flying. It works two ways: As a Fabric Freshener so I can wear an outfit multiple times and also as a stain remover for the occasional spill on the plane. Works as a wrinkle-release too. Just spritz, and hang to dry.