Our 2022 Spring Cleaning Pregame Is Here

Our 2022 Spring Cleaning Pregame Is Here

We love spring for all kinds of reasons, it’s a time for opening up windows for fresh air, saving on our heating bills, clearing off the dust from the mantle and introducing some fresh botanical scents into our homes. For some, “Spring Cleaning” might make you want to dive under the covers and pray for 6 more weeks of winter. And we get it, but if we’ve learned anything over the years, It’s those times you want to clean the least when you probably need it the most. There are so many benefits to a house-wide deep clean, chief among them is the mental clarity and instant mood boost of living in a clean home.

Our annual Spring Cleaning Checklist can help you navigate seasonal cleaning and keep you motivated. To make it easier,  we like to spread it out over a month and break the whole thing down into targeted cleaning goals that you can do at your own pace over a series of days or a couple of hours each weekend! 

Of course, before you start cleaning, you’ve got to get your kit together. Everyone knows that any job is easier when you have the right tools. A few good brushes, brooms, mops, and good cleaning cloths are important. Don't forget a good soundtrack. Deep cleaning counts as a workout if you're doing it properly! Pull on some yoga pants (or strip down to your undies). Whatever works. Crank up the tunes and get going!


All Surface Cleaner

A good surface spray that can be used in any room of the house. Our All-Purpose Cleaner is safe to use on any surface in your home that is not harmed by water (including wood, laminate, granite, and marble countertops).

Universal Soap

We love a multi-tasking product. Our natural Dish Soap is a hand-working one that is good for so much more than just washing dishes. Use it to de-grime, polish, and even remove stains.

Dish Brushes & Scrubbers

The right products need the right tools. A good brush or scrubber will help speed up the cleaning process and make the job a bit more simple.

Baking Soda White vinegar

A cleaning duo unlike any other. Whether you’re polishing silverware or clearing your drains; these two will have you covered.

Bathroom Cleaner

Let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. A good bathroom cleaning spray will not only help you guarantee a deep clean but could also make the process quite a bit easier. 


  • Trays for sorting and organizing items
  • Storage bins or Space Saver Bags
  • Old shopping bags or empty boxes for donation items
  • A great playlist.
  • Something delicious to have as a treat after completing each task!

While you’re getting your stuff together and waiting for your cleaning supplies to arrive, you can make a start by decluttering. Go through your closets and cupboards and start to organize everything into boxes for donation, to throw away, and to sell. You never know, you just might have enough energy left to post things onto Ebay!

I know this seems like a huge cleaning mountain to climb, but we'll be right there with you. We're your Cleaning Sherpas! By tackling it in sections and following our downloadable checklists, it's easier to stay on track (and develop good cleaning habits forever).

Remember: A clean house is a haven.

Let’s do this!

xx, mlk