Poop Etiquette (yes that's a thing)

Poop Etiquette (yes that's a thing)

We’re going to make the wild assumption that if you’re reading this, you have been potty-trained for a little while now. But there is a vast difference between the mechanics of simply “going to the bathroom” and perfecting the art of Poop Etiquette (stay with us).

1. Shut The Door (and open a window): You’d be frankly shocked by how many people feel comfortable sharing their most private moments with others. While you may be unburdened by a sense of bathroom bashfulness (aka decorum) we might not be. Just shut the door and flick on the fan or open a window. You know why.

2. A Courtesy Spritz: We are aware of products on the market, designed solely to mask bathroom odor. We say hiding the smell is only half the story. Killing the germs that cause the odor is a much better idea. A quick spritz down the loo and in the air will sort it out beautifully and keep your bathroom clean. If you are very civil-minded, you might also spray and wipe the seat down for the next visitor. After all, it might just be you.

3. Close The Lid: Did you know that the act of flushing the toilet actively “aerosolizes” water droplets from the bowl all over the room (and quite possibly onto your toothbrush)? The lid is there for a reason.

4. Do a Double Take: In life (and in the loo) things don’t always do down the way we’d expected. Even if you live alone, it’s a good idea to make sure that you haven’t left any overt evidence of your progress behind.

5. Ninja-Level Poop Etiquette: If you have left traces of your activity behind, here’s how to elegantly handle the situation:

Above the Water: Turn the trigger on your bathroom cleaner from stun (spray) to kill (jet) then simply spray and wipe. Another flush is required.

Below the Water: A few sheets of toilet paper strategically placed and then hit with the jet trigger and then flushed will act as a magic, underwater eraser.