Stylehawk: 5 Best Mixing Bowl Sets

Stylehawk: 5 Best Mixing Bowl Sets

Don't judge me, but I've been using the same mixing bowls I inherited from my mum in uni. The most sustainable thing we can do is to use our belongings until they're no good, am I right? Still, it was time for an update. So, I called my fellow Stylehawks to find the best mixing bowl sets on the planet. We considered aesthetics, material, functionality, and price. We've sifted through dozens of options to give you our top 5.

Here's what we found:

BEST ALL AROUND: 3-Piece Stainless Steel Bowls from Williams-Sonoma

Why do we love this option? This set is simple and beautiful; sometimes, that's all you need! The set comes with three bowls in handy sizes: 1.4 L, 2.8 L. and 4.7 L. Made of durable, heavy-gauge 18/10 stainless steel, the handles on either side of the bowls make them easy to hold, lift and carry.

PROS: Pretty enough to serve at the table.

CONS: Limited sizes and pricey (but you'll keep them forever). 

BEST GLASS OPTION: Duralex 9-Piece Mixing Bowl Set from Amazon

TV chefs almost always use glass bowls so we can see what they're mixing. Of course, we're not on a cooking show (yet), but we like these because glass is dishwasher + microwave safe and doesn't stain, absorb smells, warp, or leach chemicals into food.

PROS: Comes with smaller bowls that are perfect for re-creating your own cooking show vibe at home with chef-style, mise-en-place prepping.

CONS: Even tough glass breaks if you drop it (so don't).

BEST LIGHTWEIGHT, NON-PLASTIC OPTION: Bamboo Fibre Mixing Bowl Set by Wakatobi.

This 7-piece set offers the benefits of plastic without being plastic. This material is plant-based and biodegradable and made from bamboo fibre that's strong and lightweight, like plastic. It comes with a colander, sieve and measuring cups and spoons. 

PROS: The muted pastel pallet caught our attention. 

CONS: Not microwave safe and can easily scratch, depending on the utensil you're using. 

BEST SET WITH LIDS: Wildone Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls with Khaki Lids at Amazon

Sometimes you need to down tools halfway through cooking and take a break. We liked this stainless-steel set because it comes with airtight lids so you can pick up where you left off and store leftovers in the same bowl.

PROS: Internal measurements are etched inside the bowl. It also has a small bowl and three grater attachments (genius).

CONS: Pricey. 

BEST BARGAIN: Kitchen Pro Mixwell Set at Bunnings Marketplace

We were shocked to find this set available at Bunning's marketplace! Who even knew they sold kitchenware? Now we do! These no-fuss, easy-to-clean stainless mixing bowls feature a rounded lip, and no-slip silicone bottoms.

PROS: Functionality and price!

CONS: Limited sizes available.