STYLEHAWK: The 5 Best Oven Mitts

STYLEHAWK: The 5 Best Oven Mitts

Oven Mitts are the unsung heroes of kitchen equipment. They are largely ignored until you need to pull a hot baking dish from the oven, and then they get tossed back into a drawer. I rarely even wash mine, despite the fact they get oily or messy with almost every use!

This year, I decided to replace my almost 10-year-old ones and I was delighted to know that there have been some design-led options out there. Here’s what we found: 

BEST BUDGET: TinySiry Heat Insulated Glove 

PROS: I like the elegant simplicity of this mitt. It’s linen-look fabric looks easy to wash and at this price, you can wash them often and replace them every year.  

CONS: Please note, these are sold as a single mitt, not a pair!  



BEST LUXE: Dutchdeluxes Oven Mitt 

PROS: Who even knew there was such a thing as a luxury oven mitt? This full-grain leather beauty is heat resistant to 240° C and will get softer with use.  

CONS: Pricey and also sold as a single mitt.  



BEST MINI: Cuisinart Chambray Neoprene Mini Oven Mitts 

These mini-mitts are great while you're working at the stove and don’t need full glove-length protection. They give you a secure grip, and are safer than a potholder or a tea towel!

PROS: Perfect to use while using a wok or cast-iron pan.  

CONS: You still need a full-length pair to protect arms from a hot oven rack.  


Silicon is stiff, but provides more heat resistance than fabric alone. The best new mitts combine the flexibility of fabric and robust silicone.   

PROS: They offer the best of both worlds. 

CONS: Some styles are still as clunky as a full silicone glove.  


BEST OVERALL: Maxwell & Williams Epicurious Oven Mitt

This is the Goldilocks of Oven Mitts: not to stiff, not too soft, and with handy grommets so you can attach them where you need them.  

PROS: The charcoal colour is on sale now! 

CONS: Sold as a single glove.  


Not technically an oven mitt, but we all loved this guy: (suede potholders):