The Murchison-Hume Semi-Annual Cleaning Checklist

The Murchison-Hume Semi-Annual Cleaning Checklist

The very mention of the phrase, deep cleaning makes most of us want to dive under the covers and hit "next episode." BUT…a good seasonal clear-out will give back in countless ways that can make your life better. It’s a huge job that pays off, but where to start?

Start here: Download our annual  MH SPRING CLEANING GUIDE to help you navigate seasonal cleaning and keep you motivated. To make it easier,  we like to spread it out over a month and break the whole thing down into targeted cleaning goals that you can do at your own pace over a series of nights or a couple of hours each weekend!

By following this guide, you’ll get it all done without getting overwhelmed and you’ll be rewarded with a happier, healthier, and more stress-free home at the end of it.

PRE-GAME: Get your Cleaning kit together. Everyone knows that any job is easier when you have the right tools. A few good brushes, the right broom, mop, and good cleaning cloths are important. Don't forget a bumping soundtrack! Deep cleaning counts as a workout if you're doing it properly! Pull-on some yoga pants (or strip down to your undies). Whatever works. Crank up the tunes and get going! 

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Trays for sorting papers
  • Wastepaper basket
  • Watering Can
  • Vases for fresh cut flowers or branches
  • Good scissors
  • Shredder or shredding scissors
  • Letter opener or Paper Knife
  • Matching 3-ring binders
  • Matching Wooden Hangers (more than you think)
  • Storage bins or Space Saver Bags
  • Matching Food Storage containers
  • Old-Fashioned Cane Rug Beater
  • Drain Weasel
  • A great playlist.
  • Something delicious to have as a treat after completing each task!

While you’re getting your stuff together and waiting for your cleaning supplies to arrive, you can make a start by decluttering. Go through your closets and cupboards and start to organise everything into boxes for donation, to throw away, and to sell. You never know, you just might have enough energy left to post things onto eBay or Gumtree!

I know this seems like a huge Cleaning Mountain to climb, but we'll be right there with you. We're your Cleaning Sherpas! By tackling it in sections and following our downloadable checklists, it's easier to stay on track (and develop good cleaning habits forever) Remember: A clean house is a haven.

xx, mlk