The easiest way to upgrade your Laundry Game

The easiest way to upgrade your Laundry Game

If we’re being honest, laundry day is my least favorite—so much so that I like to do it sporadically throughout the week so it feels less like I’m wasting a big chunk of my day just by getting my linen closet back to homeostasis. But doing laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. Okay, fine—doing laundry is the literal definition of a chore—but unlike making the bed or dusting your shelves, it’s possible to elevate the process just by making a few small changes.  

Turn the ultimate mundane task into a moment for yourself by making it aesthetically pleasing. That means swapping out the bright orange bulk container of laundry detergent pods with something that smells good, or exchanging your dingy hanging dryer with something you wouldn’t mind if your company saw. You could also replace your old, battered plastic hamper with something that—dare I say it—brings you joy. 


Ahead, find a handful of curated, stylish laundry room essentials that’ll turn your least favorite chore into something you don’t dread. That’s progress, right? 


Washer Essentials 

Replace that unsightly bulk container of laundry pods with a chic bottle of liquid detergent—especially one that’s 100% cruelty-free and made without harsh ingredients like phthalates or dye—and add in some accessories that are both pretty and practical for a finishing touch. 


Dryer Essentials 

Add a few drops of fragrance oil to your Woolzie Dryer Balls and enjoy how the scent can fill the surrounding area, too. And if that’s not enough, spritz some Room & Linen Spray between washes—and again on freshly laundered linens. 



Who says you can’t add a few small design-forward pieces—like a graphiccontemporary hamper or a minimalist, sleek brass oil burner—to your designated laundry area? If you have shelves, place a succulent next to stain-fighting essentials like Leather Cleaner and Garment Groom. 

Sure, replacing your hamper won’t magically make you look forward to folding the towels, but a few simple upgrades will certainly make it worlds less boring. 


Xx L