The Mask Lowdown

The Mask Lowdown

It’s been a long six months, and I think it’s safe to say that the way we think about personal space has changed forever. Does anyone else flinch when they see someone blow out candles on a birthday cake in the movies? Think of all those aerosolized droplets all over every piece!

We’re all hoping that a vaccine is on the horizon, but even when it gets here, I feel we’ve entered into a permanent mask-wearing culture. So, yeah, I think masks are going to be around for a while. I'm OK with that because there’s nothing more important than your health, and the health of others.

Having said that, there’s no reason we can’t have some fun with it! There’s an entire world of micro-trends and stylish expression to be found in personal protective equipment. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think our new face masks are super cute.

I have this thing about T-shirts - I need them to feel worn-in and vintage-y even if they’re new. That's how our masks feel. Thanks to the 100% cotton-knit fabric, they’re cozy and super-soft on your face. Plus, they’re breathable, so they won’t make you break out with Maskne (yeah, that’s a thing). Ours come in sets of five all-black or a five multi-color that are beautifully saturated and sophisticated. These masks are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so they’re ready to go right out of the packaging. They’re not medical grade, but they get the job done (and look good doing it).

Like everything else we wear, a good fit is essential. I’ve been using a mask strap. You can wear these straps with any mask to ensure an optimal germ-fighting, Goldilocks fit around your face with no gaps. They keep the pressure off of your ears and I also like that it keeps my mask handy around my neck so I don’t lose it or contaminate it by putting it on a counter or restaurant table!

Socially-distanced Happy Hour, anyone? If cloth masks are about covering your face, then face shields are about showing them off. Finally, a reason to whip out that Pat McGrath lipstick you bought during the first wave of pandemic online purchases. Plus, after months of only seeing the top half of people's face, I can't tell you how nice it is to see someone smile. Body language and micro-expressions make up so much of the way we talk to each other, without using a single word. Being able to see friends' facial expressions face is great for my mental health, at the very least.

Please, no matter how cute or stylish a mask is, don’t forget you need to regularly wash it after use with hot water. Might I suggest some Everything Laundry Soap?

Stay safe, wear your masks, and don’t forget to wash your hands!