3 Organizing Tasks To Do This Weekend

3 Organizing Tasks To Do This Weekend

When the weather starts to change, making way for a new season, your list of household  chores can feel overwhelming. So don’t do it! I recommend breaking them down into a shortlist of jobs you can get done in one afternoon, so you feel like you still had a break at the weekend. 

These 3 chores may seem small, but when done correctly on the regular, they go a big way towards making your home healthy and efficient!


This weekend, do this:

Change The Bulbs and Batteries

Few things in life are more frustrating than realizing the batteries have run out in the remote (and you don’t have any on hand). Before you go shopping, check the batteries in everything from smoke detectors to flashlights. Take the dead ones and hold them for recycling. Snap them on your phone to make sure you buy the right kind. Do the same thing with lightbulbs. Now’s a great time to swap any old incandescents for more energy efficient LEDs. Make a note in Google calendar to do the same thing next year! It’s a good idea to buy some extras to have on hand. You’ll be grateful when something gives out in the middle of the night and you’re short a single AAA battery.

Replace Your Filters

Same goes for any filters—like the ones in your heating and cooling system and dryer vents. Now's the time to swap out those old filters in any portable air or water purifiers too. You’d be amazed at how dramatically it could change the quality of air you’re breathing and water you’re drinking. Everything will work more efficiently when it’s free from lint and debris, so you’ll save on your energy bill, too! 

Re-Organize Furniture

When was the last time you moved the couch just to vacuum underneath? Moving furniture allows you to get at hard-to-reach cobwebs and dust-bunnies. But! Repositioning your furniture every once in a while will make your rooms feel fresh, prevent upholstery from fading and discourage permanent “divots” from forming on your rugs and carpeting. Enlist a volunteer to help you move your furniture around and treat yourself to a new plant while you’re at it. It’s super satisfying, and is a great way to welcome in Spring (the Fall). 


Xx, mlk