The Unbelievable 30-cent hack for Spotless Shower Doors

The Unbelievable 30-cent hack for Spotless Shower Doors

Sometimes, no matter how hard you clean something, it never really looks clean. Like shower doors! You know that white film that clouds up your shower door, even right after you’ve cleaned it?

That is soap scum, and it takes more than spritzing and scrubbing to get rid of it. I’m going to let you in on a little cleaning hack that will have your shower doors looking brand new in no time.

First, what is soap scum? To know how to get rid of it, it’s helpful to understand what it is. Soap scum is what happens when the fatty acids from your body oils meet mineral deposits in hard water. Yes, it sounds gross, but that’s life and life is gross sometimes! The chemical pairing of body fats (ewww) and mineral deposits in the water create a cloudy bond that coats the inside of your shower doors and stays there forever. Until now.

If the white film drives you insane (as it does for me), chances are you’ve already looked up how to fix it online. Their are some helpful hints, but they’re time consuming, messy, and smelly. I started a cleaning company to minimize the amount of time I spent cleaning, not to make the process even longer! #yourewelcome

So yes, you could spend the extra time making a smelly paste that leaves your shower with a distinct pickle odor, go for it. But I much prefer my strategy.

Are you ready for my incredibly efficient, 30-cent cleaning hack to achieve designer showroom level sparkle and shine on your shower doors?

Aluminum foil. Yep. You read that right. The little roll of silver foil in your kitchen has been sitting in a kitchen drawer, waiting to reach its full potential. It sounds crazy, I know.

Mr. Handsome (my Husbandito) works in the glass industry, which makes him an expert. I still didn’t believe him when he told me that a little ball of aluminum foil can rub out soap scum cloudiness in a jiffy. So, he stepped into the shower, sprayed it down our with Glass Cleaner, and went to work, aluminum foil ball in hand. I thought we were in for a scratched-up door and a major fight.

You guys, I was shocked. Like, jaw on the tiles, mouth agape, couldn’t speak shocked. The aluminum cut through the cloudiness like a hot knife through butter, and it only took about five minutes. After he was done, he took a shower and wiped the glass door with our trusty squeegee. The shower door looked BRAND NEW. Oh, and this trick works on chrome, too, but I’ll save that for another post.

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Get your foil from the kitchen and tear off a sheet, rolling it into a ball. Any brand will work!

2. Working from the top down, spray your door with our Glass Cleaner.

3. Once the door is wet, scrub the entire surface with the foil ball

4. Turn the shower on or use a glass to rinse the rest of the cleaning solution off.

5. Squeegee dry.

6. Step back and admire your pristine shower door!

So now you know,

xx, mlk