This 10-Second Hack Can Change The Way You Organize

This 10-Second Hack Can Change The Way You Organize

Everyone has different preferences in terms of organization. Some people enjoy color-coding filing cabinets, others prioritize a tidy closet, possibly arranged by color, length of item, and fabric (just me?). But there’s one organization trick so simple that it can work for just about any room in the house: labeling things.


No, we’re not about to suggest you break out the label maker (or even buy one in the first place). Instead, using our DIY labels, it’s possible to completely shift the way you organize your bedroom. your vanity—even your spices.



The bedroom isn’t typically a place you’d think would be conducive to labeling, but trust: there are a few game-changing ways to use them. If you use an over-the-door shoe organizer or like to store your shoes in containers, labeling them is an easy way to find out what’s in the box or the compartment without taking them out. This trick works especially well for any items that are stored on high shelves. Even more, label the tops of your under-the-bed storage so you don’t have to rifle through each bin just to find a single hat. If you have them, encourage your kids to do the same so they can get dressed on their own without making a huge mess.



Yep, you guessed it: Label your spices! Instead of searching through your lazy Susan for the coriander, label the tops of each spice for easy access. While you’re at it, you could also label other containers, especially those for dry goods like pasta, rice, or quinoa.



For the longest time, I stored my beauty products in my medicine cabinet and just put anything that overflowed into cabinets that I’d have to dig through on a monthly basis. Recently, however, I took stock of everything I owned, decided on what to keep and what to donate, and then reorganized it in clear plastic bins that I labeled by category. (These are them.) Not only do I know where everything is within seconds, but it feels like I’m shopping my own beauty closet when I take out something new and add it to my rotation.



When we made our DIY labels, we envisioned them specifically for the laundry room—or wherever you store most of your cleaning supplies. If you don’t have them already, scoop up a few of our refillable Amber Glass bottles, which offer a great way to store DIY cleaning solutions with our Concentrates. And don’t just stop there—help younger family members who are expanded their list of chores by labeling large bins for certain linens. (My household has separate baskets for sheets, washcloths, and kitchen towels.)


What are some other uses you’ve found for DIY labels? Let us know on Instagram and we just might feature your tip!


xx LC