This Cleaning Hack Is Pure Genius—& It’s Free

This Cleaning Hack Is Pure Genius—& It’s Free

Few cleaning hacks get us excited as a free cleaning hack. That’s doubly true when said cleaning hack isn’t just affordable, but also a genius way to use a product that’s about to expire. That’s how I stumbled upon this fun cleaning hack: Using a denture cleaner to clean my toilet bowl. 




There are a few products I always keep stocked just in case I have house guests that arrive ill-prepared, or they run out while they're here: This bin has a random assortment of toiletries like contact solution, menstrual pads, allergy medicine, and denture cleaner for my mom. (If you’re reading this, mom, I’m sorry for exposing you!) 


My parents usually visit me a couple of times per year, but like everyone else in the world, they were unable to travel during the pandemic. This meant I had an excess of denture cleaner, and while it doesn’t have an expiration date marked on the packaging, I figured three years is probably too long to hold onto a single product, and when I took a look at the ingredient label, I saw the top-billed one is sodium bicarbonate—also commonly known as baking soda. (Citric acid and potassium caroate are also up on the list.) I did a little Googling and found out this gem of a hack: Pop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into your toilet—not the tank, but the actual bowl—and allow them to sit until they stop fizzing. Then, go and give it a good scrub. Not only did this trick completely remove stuck-on residue, but it killed germs and removed the hard water stains that I couldn’t get out with a regular toilet bowl cleaner. Even more, it’s a fraction of the price!


Even more, if you’re already someone that uses dentures, after every use, you can dispose of the used liquid into the toilet. (Feel free to leave it overnight to soak if you’re dealing with some stubborn stains.) To be clear, I used my regular Bathroom Cleaner for the toilet seat, as well as everywhere else in the bathroom, but I use this fun little hack once per month as a way to deep-clean my toilet with ease. 


Have any other fun cleaning hacks around the bathroom? Send us a DM and we might just publish it!


xx LC