What Does "Clean Beauty" Even Mean?

What Does "Clean Beauty" Even Mean?

 Terms like “green,” “sustainable,” and “clean” have been tossed around in the fashion and beauty industries for years—but without standard definitions or FDA guidelines, it’s hard to parse what they mean. While each term is subjective, to us, “clean beauty” means more than just a few natural, plant-based ingredients on the label. Instead, clean beauty is recyclable packing, certified-organic formulations, and ethical supply chains that pay workers a fair wage. It’s effective, no-frills formulations that make it easy for you to pare down your morning routine to just a handful of steps. It’s lab-testing how natural ingredients can work better together. It’s a product that can help you cut down on future waste, thereby helping you maintain your core value of stylish, responsible practicality. Everything we make and sell reflects that.  

Plus, what’s not in the product might matter even more than what’s in it: While we’d never stand behind a product that has ingredients that are known to be toxic to humans in small quantities (like formaldehyde, parabens, or phthalates), we know that certain natural additives can be irritants too, so we stayed away from those. Instead, our formulations include powerful ingredients like jojoba seed oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and finger lime extract. 

Some of our best-selling clean beauty items to scoop up ASAP:

Heales Body Wash 
A cult-favourite from day one, this is the best body wash you’ll ever try, period. Our Castile-based formula is thick enough to shave with and feels silky instead of watery. Leaves skin feeling soft, polished and subtly fragranced. 

Heales Finger Lime Caviar 
Retinol for people who can’t usually tolerate retinol, this clean serum is made from 100% pure, uncut Finger Lime Caviar extract. It effectively targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne, eczema, and dry, flaky skin. 

Heales Superfruits Face Oil 
Nutrient-dense fruit seed oils are packed into a nourishing, vitamin-rich formula that instantly restores radiance to a thirsty complexion. There are no “filler” ingredients or essential oils to irritate sensitive skin. 

Heales Clarifying Detox Shampoo Bar 
This certified organic clarifying treatment is ideal for over-worked hair. Made with Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) essential oil, which has long been prized by Indigenous Australians for its antioxidant, antiseptic, and anti-microbial properties, it eliminates product build-up on hair & scalp and brings the shine and bounce back to lifeless hair. 

Heales Body Oil 
A daily moisture boost infused with active cellular plant extracts, this oil nourishes the skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier. It’s made with Australian Sandalwood, whose acetylenic fatty acid profile makes it an ideal skincare ingredient for targeting hydration, improved skin tone, and bolstering dermal strength. 

Heales Konjac Sponge 
Made from the root of the Konjac plant, the ultra-fine texture deep cleans pores, removes all traces of makeup and gently exfoliates with each use. Daily use gradually improves skin texture and helps to minimize dry patches, acne and blackheads. 

Heales Hair Oil 
Our Hair Oil imparts shine, tames unruly locks, and defines curls while protecting against breakage, heat and sun damage. Each ingredient in this all-natural formula was selected for its reputed hair strengthening and restorative properties.