What We Wish We Got For Christmas

What We Wish We Got For Christmas

The reality of the holidays? We don't always get exactly what we want. And thats okay! Sure, we could always spell it out, but doesn't that kind of take the fun out of things? If you ask me, it's the perfect excuse to feel better about a little post holiday shopping. This year, it's all about taking care of #1, (thats you!). Keep reading for our SHORT list of self care essentials that we want to have by our sides as we dive into the new year. 

Caviar Face Serum

This stuff is the perfect base layer for your morning routine, or light pre-bed time serum. It's light, simple, only made of the best clean ingredients so you don't have to worry about it throwing your skin out of balance. If you're looking for the perfect serum that won't leave you feeling too oily or creamy, this is it.

Exfoliating Dry Brush

A good dry brush is hard to find. Trying to find one that will last you AND that's made of sustainably harvested materials is the real challenge. Luckily this one is both. It's gentle enough to use almost anywhere but sturdy enough to help you exfoliate with ease.

Restorative Hair Oil

Dry hair is no fun. We've all got damage, it's nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to start to repair that damage and protect against even more, this is the way to go. Simply apply to your roots and brush down to spread it through your locks. I like to leave it in overnight for maximum effect. 

Velvet Glove Hand Cream

Our hands receive the most abuse day in and day out, yet everyone always forgets about them! Just because the holidays are over, doesn't mean the dry winter months are. Keep this lotion by your sink so you can moisturize after every wash.

AHA Facial Cleanser

All the self care in the world isn't worth much if you can't start your day with a fresh face. This cleanser uses the perfect formula of hyaluronic acid to balance your PH levels and moisture levels.