When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Grill?

When Was The Last Time You Cleaned Your Grill?

We're in the middle of Summer Grilling season, but before we put another shrimp on the barbie, it’s going to get a proper clean.  

Most people turn on the burners and scrape off most of the burnt bits, hoping that the heat from the fire will kill any germs. It mostly does, but greasy food residue can build up, drift off the grill, and become a floating ember. It's a huge fire hazard.   

How to Clean Your Grill 

  1. Remove the Grates. This is the most important part, but you can also remove the drip trays and any loose fixtures like burner covers and knobs for cleaning if you want to go the full Martha! 
  1. Scrape it: Mr Handsome, being Australian, takes his grilling very seriously. He treats our “barbie” like a fire engine. He scrapes the whole grate while preheating to prep it for fresh food. When we’re ready for the Big Clean, we use a pumice Grill Stone on a cold grill to scrape off excess debris before soaking, but you can also use an old spatula or even a putty knife for the same job.  
  1. Soak the Grate. We use an extra-large garden trug. Fill it with plenty of Dish Soap and water from the hose. Let it soak for a bit (even overnight) before hosing it down. Depending on the size of your grill, you may have to flip it and do one side at a time to get the whole thing clean.  

Finish by spraying and wiping grates clean with a food-safe surface cleaner.   

  1. Clean the Inside. While the grate is soaking, clean the inside with a concentrated food-safe cleaner and an old sponge. 
  1. Clean the Outside. Use paper towels or an old tea towel to clean the outside of the grill. I like to wipe it with an old rag before soaking a sponge in dish soap to wipe it all down. I finish by rubbing it down with Leather Cleaner to protect the metal from rusting.
  1. Reassemble the Grill. Put your clean grates, burner covers, and knobs back on!  
  1. Heat the Grill. Spark that baby up to burn off any trace of cleaning product, and you're good to go!  

Manufacturers often recommend you do this every few times you BBQ but honestly, we only deep clean our gas grill once a year, and it’s been fine. Just remember to at least scrape the grates after every use and keep it covered.

Happy Grilling! 

Xx, mlk