Your Car Smells Weird

Your Car Smells Weird

We all get "nose blind" to the smell of old French fries and the damp dog that lingers on our car seats. This chic Oil Diffuser is your scent insurance that guarantees a fresh-smelling car interior, no matter what you've been hauling around.

It's a million miles away from cheap carwash fragrances and gadgets.

This diffuser is more like jewellery for your car. It's made from solid 18/10 stainless steel; it feels weighty and luxurious when you hold it. An elegant Art Deco design makes it a stylish, practical gift for anyone on your list.

You'll love that it comes with your choice of our exclusive scents to pair with the diffuser. Just a few drops of your favourite fragrance oil on the felt pad, snap it shut, and clip the locket onto your car vent. Flip on the air, and let the magic happen.

NO GIFT WRAP IS NECESSARY! It comes gift-ready in a chic 2-piece box with a custom foam insert. We've got you covered. Plus, this natural diffuser from Murchison-Hume adds a touch of style to your car or any room with central heating or cooling. It's a unique gift perfect for Dads, Grads, or anyone on your list this year.