How To:
Eucalyptus Cream Cleanser

Life is a rich tapestry, and so are the possibilities of your skincare routine.

This creamy, non-foaming cleanser lathers beautifully and helps to restore your skin's natural moisture without leaving you with that heavy, greasy feel. I like to think of it as an all-natural version of old-school Noxzema! The cleanser still delivers all those deep-clean, tingly feels (just without all the creepy parabens and chemicals we can honestly do without).

I like to use a Konjac Sponge primed with a little warm water and then press it over my pores to open them up and assure a deeper clean. Then I apply my cleanser to the sponge and work it in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water and I always like to finish with at least 3 splashes of cold water. I pat dry (try not to rub your face too hard) and follow with Heales Face Oil (before my daily sunscreen) to prime my skin for makeup and boost a more radiant glow. My dry, sensitive skin drinks it up and keeps me glowing right through summer.