How To -
Superfruits Face Oil

Life is a rich tapestry, and so are the possibilities of your skincare routine.

Face oils are the new favourite way to moisturize. But how best to use them is still a subject of debate. Some people swear by mixing it with other serums, or in place of moisturizer, or after moisturizer. 

The one thing everyone seems to agree on is that face oils are a great addition to your skincare shelf. 

Heales Superfruits Face Oil is formulated with 100% natural fruit seed oils and extracts, and NO essential oils. We love essential oils, but they can be irritating in a leave-on product like face oil. Our formula uses non-irritating, premium oils from avocados, grapeseed, pomegranate, rosehip, oil, and Vitamin E. Finally, the real star is Kakadu Plum oil, an Australian botanical that boasts the highest natural concertation of Vitamin C on the planet. 

If you have oily skin and don’t want to overload, apply at night after cleansing, while your skin is still damp. You can also try mixing a few drops into your foundation or night cream.  If you have dry or dehydrated skin, we recommend layering it on before moisturiser and then applying a few drops onto your face throughout the day to keep it glowing. 

Don’t waste a precious drop! Rub the excess onto your neck, and décolleté.