how to clean your windows

How to Clean: Windows

Everyone thinks they know how to wash windows, but most people don't! Old Wives' Tales about newspaper and vinegar abound, but there are only 3 Main Truths about doing windows that you need to know. Let me lay a little #cleantruth on you.

Pre-Clean Dirty Windows

I know that sounds crazy, but stay with me: Spraying a dirty window with Glass Cleaner before brushing it to remove the surface dust is like trying to mop a dirty floor before sweeping. Not a good idea. I use a soft-bristled brush (or even a rag or old t-shirt) and wipe away the cobwebs and loose dust before I spray it with cleaner. It's a double cleanse!


BTW: I hate them, but if you have screens, do them first. Give them a vacuum or brush before wetting them. Once you've cleaned your windows, please have a look outside before you put your screens back up! Isn't that better? If you're worried about bugs, buy some sheer panels to keep them out!  But, if you insist on using screens, give them a final wipe down with some dish soap and make sure they are totally dry before putting them up again.

Don't Fight The Sun

Strong heat and direct sunlight can dry a window a lot faster than you can. It's much easier to wash windows on a cloudy day (or at least earlier or later on a sunny day). And don't stress! The window police won't arrest you if you don't do all the windows on the same day. Do them room-by-room or maybe do the inside one day and the outside on another day.

Don’t Use Paper Towels (Find Something Better)

Yes, they're convenient, and you probably have a roll right there, but don't do it! Paper towels leave tons of lint and streaking behind, and you'll end up having to do them again, which is too boring to even think about. Microfiber cloths are woven with plastic, so I've banned them at my house. I use clean, lint-free cloth (I like flour sack cloths) for the best results. It sounds obvious, but you'll need quite a few. Keep a stack at the ready because they stop working when they get too wet. Duh.  

Use The Right Tools

OK, that's it, except this: Did you know that our Glass Cleaner is 100% natural? It has only two ingredients: water and denatured alcohol. That means you can use it anywhere (even to remove water spots from your wine glasses). It's simple, elegant, and works better than that nasty blue stuff at the supermarket.

Clearly brilliant,  

Xx, mlk