Prep Your Patio for Spring

Prep Your Patio for Spring

Warm weather and longer days are calling your name. The only thing getting in your way? A patio that’s been mostly ignored all winter long. If you haven’t even used your patio except to grill the occasional steak, it's time to freshen things up out there and prepare for entertaining in the warm months ahead!

Inspect for Winter Damage

I like to get the hardest jobs out of the way first. The constant rain and flooding we’ve had can wreak havoc on your garden and decking. Take a minute to assess your patio. Look for any signs of rotting or mildew. Get this done first, because it’s the most important. Depending on what kind of weather you had this winter, you may need to call in some professional help.

Give it a Spring Clean

After restoring your patio back to tip-top shape, it's time to start with a clean slate. Push back any furniture, put on a good playlist, and get to cleaning! Sweep back any leftover leaves and dirt that may have accumulated over winter. Start by making sure you have the right tools. On wooden decks, you might just need a good sweep . For tougher grime or a deeper clean, I like a pressure washer, attached to the hose. Now’s a great time to give your decking a new stain if it needs one.  

Refresh the Furniture

Even if you kept it covered all through the winter months, your outdoor furniture will probably use a little freshening up. DON’T do what I’ve done before and got straight in with a spray cleaner and a wet brush. DRY BRUSH them FIRST to remove all of the dust. Otherwise, you’re in for a big, muddy mess that will take twice as long to clean. If you have any spots or stains left after brushing, now’s the time to hit those with Garment Groom and a soft-bristled laundry brush. If you’re lucky enough to have removable, machine washable covers, just toss them in with a mild  laundry soap with cold water. If you use hot water or harsh detergents on them, you run the risk of washing off any stain resistance they were treated with in the first place.

For cleaning wood or metal furniture, put down the power-washer: It may be tempting, but too much pressure can damage the finish. I would opt for a water and mild soapy mixture and a soft brush to remove any built-up grime. Another tip to keep in mind, untreated hard woods like teak will benefit from a little bit of Leather Cleaner. The oils will darken the wood at first but will eventually fade back to the natural colour.   

Create Some Shade

After few months of dark, rainy skies, nothing sounds better than baking in the sun. It's best to have the option of shade for when the heat gets to be too much to bear. I found these umbrellas for my terrace that I’ve found to block just the perfect amount of unwanted sun. You could also drape fabric across a pergola to create a more permanent shade.

Don’t Forget the Equipment

Do you have everything you need for entertaining? Before you put another shrimp on the barbie, it’s best to give it a proper clean. Remove the grates, give them a good scrape, soak, and wipe clean with food-safe surface cleaner. I go into further detail here on how to get that deeper clean for your grill.

If you have a pool or even a garden fountain, make sure they've been maintained and are ready to be enjoyed as well.

Spruce it up!

Now for the fun stuff! Add in any final touches you see fit. Make you have everything to make outside the new inside. I like to keep a basket of these Turkish Towels for guests to dry off beside the pool or for even a little extra warmth as days turn to night. Speaking of, make sure your patio is properly lit, if not some outdoor string lights may come in handy here; they also set the mood.

Now that Spring has officially sprung, you can finally enjoy your outdoor space! Getting outside Take some me time to enjoy the patio for yourself a little, and then get around to planning that spring barbecue so you can show it off a bit.


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Xx, mlk