TIME FOR A Digital Detox

TIME FOR A Digital Detox


Think about how many times a day you touch your phone, and all of the places you put it down. Our digital devices, keyboards, and remotes are things that we touch on the daily, but rarely think to clean. Well, think again.  

These “High Touch” objects harbour the highest bacteria count in the house. Yes, even more than the toilet.  


TIME: 10 minutes 




  • Power down your keyboard 
  • With bigger devices like the TV, dust first. 
  • Spray your lint-free cloth with Glass Cleaner (never spray devices directly) 
  • Wipe clean with your lint-free cloth 
  • If you’re on the go (which hopefully we will be, soon), keep your iPhone and iPad clean with our Travel Safe Spray.



  1. Your Phone 
  2. Your iPad/Tablet  
  3. Game controllers 
  4. Your Keyboard + Mouse + Screen  
  5. Remote controls  
  6. TVs


So. Now that you are totally grossed out, here’s what to do to fix it: 

Clean your stuff! Make it a Monday morning ritual to clean your mouse, keyboard, and all your devices before you start your week.