Have you been looking for your favourite Murchison-Hume product and can’t find it? Yeah, we know. There’s a reason for that, and it has nothing to do with us not making it anymore. 


When we started (re)making cleaning products in 2008, we knew we wanted to be different. Our brown, amber bottles and premium signature fragrances set us apart from our competition. We also had a distinctive brand “voice.” Murchison-Hume was like a hip Aunt or Uncle, serving up practical products with a sardonic wink. We had cheeky names for our products, too. Our classic apothecary labels had cute names like “Counter Intelligence,” “Boys’ Bathroom” and “Spit & Polish.” You get the idea. 

In 2012 we migrated to Los Angeles, and people there started asking us why we didn’t have a cleaner for the Girls' Bathroom? Turns out we Americans are very literal. Oh, dear. So, we made "The Ladies" Bathroom Cleaner, but with fragrance variations and refills, we ended up with six labels for the same product. It was less than ideal. 

As our online business grew, we also had to consider the importance of SEO search terms. Search engines are run by algorithms, and they have a notorious lack of humour. We had to adapt and dial down the cuteness to appear in Google searches.  

Next year will mark our 15th year in business. We've decided to celebrate that fact by recapturing some of that originality that made us the first premium natural cleaning brand from Australia. We're not bringing back all the old names, but we've rediscovered our voice and the confidence to remain unapologetically fancy and slightly inappropriate. Suck on that, Google.  

For our OG-Humers, we've put together a Primer about your old favourite Product Names (and their new boring SEO names). We blame the Americans. And the Robots.

Premium Glass Polish

Glass Cleaner

Effortless Floor Splash

Floor Cleaner

Spit & Polish

Leather Cleaner

Furniture Spritzer

Garment Groom

Counter Safe / Counter Intelligence

All-Purpose Cleaner 

Boy's Bathroom Cleaner / Ladies Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaner

Decidedly Rich Hand Cream

Velvet Glove Hand Cream 

Heirloom Dishwashing Liquid

Heirloom Dish Soap

Luxury Laundry Soap


Our new SEO-Friendly names may not be as interesting as the old ones, but they do say what they are. If you follow us on social, read our websites and turn the labels around, you'll be rewarded with a little of our old irreverent wit and wisdom and maybe even find yourself putting the seat down for a change. There's a Good Chap.  

Ps: We took the water out of our heavy, 1 litre refills, so if you’re looking for those you can find them here.

Xx, mlk