Laundry Fragrance Trio
Laundry Fragrance Trio

Laundry Fragrance Trio

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Perfume for your laundry! Three best selling fragrances infuse your laundry with a delicious scent.  

  • Original Fig (FO*): Our most iconic fragrance pairs the deep sweetness of Fig with the zest of Cranberry.
  • Japanese Quince (FO*): Juicy citrus top notes mingle with a white floral bouquet. Classic, delicious, and inviting.
  • Cedarwood and Lavender (EO*): The classic herbal and woodsy pairing. Rich aromatic Cedarwood blended with fresh Lavender signals instant calm.
  • Basil Mandarin Kale (FO*): Fresh, herbal and clean with just a hint of citrus. A bright, botanical blend of just-cut greens and juicy citrus.
  • Australian Buddha Wood (EO*): Native Buddha Wood is blended with Cedarwood, Mandarin and Lavender for a calming and grounding fragrance.
  • Ginger Flower (FO*): Clean and sexy. Green top notes open to floral middle notes of Rosewood, Jasmine and Ginger Flower.
  • Rosewood Leaf and Lavender (EO*): Classic Lavender gets a modern re-boot. A herbal + floral blend that's clean, relaxing, and universally appealing.
  • Australian Sandalwood (FO*): Organic, woodsy and fresh. Earthy Australian sandalwood and calming vetiver with spicy amber notes and a green floral finish.
  • Juniperberry (FO*): Like the first whiff of the perfect gin & tonic. A sophisticated blend of Rose, fresh-cut herbs and Blood Orange.

*FO = Fragrant Oil (Perfume)

*EO = Essential Oil (Natural)

Because now our laundry smells like Oprah’s! Forget about those polluting, industrial dryer sheets, or laundry beads at the supermarket. These scents smell more like sophisticated home fragrances. We keep catching a subtle lingering scent on our clothes and bedding that smells like heaven.  

Once your laundry is dry (or almost dry), add 5-10 drops to wool dryer balls and chuck them into the dryer. Run for about 15 minutes on a low heat/no heat setting to gently or deeply infuse your laundry with a delicious scent. 

You’re in control. You can adjust the level of fragrance and use a single scent or layer to create your signature scent. Each set contains enough fragrance for 120 loads of laundry.  

3 x .3oz (10ML) in amber glass bottles with tamper-evident caps. Made in Australia.

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Louella Kirpalani
Laundry fragrance trio

Historically I have been loyal to Original Fig and I do like Cederwood and Lavender essential oils, but I am addicted to Japanese Quince which is both subtle and exotic!

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