• 40 | Hollywood Royalty

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    To celebrate a Hollywood Princess becoming actual Royalty today,
    we're paying homage to the Hollywood Royalty who love Murchison-Hume!
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
    In a recent Vogue feature, we spotted our Heirloom Dishwashing Liquid
    on display in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's beautiful Beverly Hills home!
    Click this link to watch youtu.be/6sSQZw6G2yA
    Cindy Crawford
    Our Superlative Hand Soap spotted in Cindy Crawford's Malibu Kitchen!
    The girl's got taste. Video clip via Vogue
    Gwyneth Paltrow 
    Gwyneth Paltrow has a famously well-honed eye for the best of everything,
    so we're chuffed that she always chooses us! When you have to clean your house,
    you may as well use the best. Image from Racked via Goop
    Murchison-Hume hit Oprah's radar! Check us out on Oprah.com
    Lea Michele
    @leamichele: "So obsessed with my new @murchisonhume candles!
    So perfect for this cozy rainy day... ❤️❤️❤️❤️”
    Hallie Myers-Shyer's Film 'Home Again'
    And then there was that time we made a sink-side cameo appearance
    with Reese Witherspoon on the big screen! 
  • 39 | Why Use Our Refills?

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    Because You'll Save $$$
    When you stop and think about the money you’ll save overtime when you refill your spray and pump bottles, it really is a no-brainer. It just makes sense to buy the things you use every day in bulk, save on shipping when you stock up too! Now that’s smart shopping.
    Because They’ll Lower Your Impact
    Our bottles are made from recyclable PET plastic, but refilling with larger bottles and buying in bulk = less environmental impact. Every bit helps.
    So You Won’t Run Out
    It’s much easier to keep your home clean when you’ve got what you need at hand, so be prepared and never run out of your favourite cleaning products again.
    When you’re stocked-up there’s no excuses.
    Because Theyll 'Elevate The Everyday'
    There is nothing in the world like that amazing feeling when you are on top of your chores and the cleaning cupboard is re-stocked and re-organized. Our refills all lined up will make that cupboard under the sink look so good,
    you’ll actually want to go there!
  • 38 | What Mum Really Wants?

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    Mother’s Day is next Sunday 13th May, and you know you should do something really special to show her how much you appreciate her. But what?
    A big brunch and a bouquet of flowers is wonderful idea, especially if you have been out from under her custodial care for a bit. If, however, she is a Mother with children still at home, we'd like to suggest a radical idea this Mother’s Day: Leave Mum Alone.
    This may sound unorthodox and maybe even a little bit grumpy, but consider this: for those Mums, every day is “Mother's Day.” She has to be a Mother and actively parent every single day. Mums don’t get holidays or weekends off, so we suggest that she might actually like the idea of having a whole day just to herself.
    Of course, this course of action requires planning. And it doesn’t get you off the hook for actually buying her something thoughtful and pampering her! You still have to make sure she feels loved.
    We suggest breakfast in bed, complete with cards and presents. Then disappear with the kids while she re-charges her batteries and has time to miss you. You should reappear around dinnertime with her favourite takeaway so she doesn’t have to cook. Perfect.
    Make sure you ask her beforehand, of course. And do give her enough lead time to actually make a plan, see a movie, visit a girlfriend, get her nails done (or even just pad around the house wearing nothing but a hair mask and a smile)! The point is, if you really want to treat your Mum, ask her what she’d like to do: even if that’s absolutely nothing.


  • 37 | What’s in our Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gift Sets?

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    You already know that the Murchison-Hume range is made in Australia from naturally derived ingredients, Cruelty Free and Never Tested on Animals, now read on to learn more about the products in our limited edition Mother’s Day Sets, and why they make the perfect gifts for Mum…
    Decidedly Rich Hand Cream
    Invisible protection for Mum’s hard-working hands. Our Decidedly Rich Hand Cream is blended with natural Grape seed oil and Shea butter to nourish and protect skin against dryness, just like wearing gloves all the time, but better. Apply as needed and re-apply after washing for continued suppleness and improved skin texture.
    Superlative Liquid Hand Soap
    Some soaps are very harsh and drying and others are so heavy scented it's like dipping your hands in cheap synthetic fragrance. Plech! Our lightly scented formulas are coconut based and blended with wheat proteins, chamomile, rose hip extracts and vitamins, so they not only clean your hands, they sooth and nourish while they’re at it.
    Murchison-Hume Natural Soy Wax Candle
    Everything looks better by candlelight, but our candles look fabulous and throw a subtle scent even unlit. 
    Our exclusive Mediterranean Fig fragrance is sweet and sophisticated with earthy bottom notes, and is free from phthalates, sulphates and parabens. Hand crafted in the Australian Southern Highlands into our signature amber glass, reusable vessels, they will burn for approximately 60 hours. 
    Candle Burning Tips:
    - Trim the wick before each use.
    - Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time.
    - Always burn in a well ventilated area (away from drafts or anything flammable).

    Bamboo Caddy
    Made from readily renewable Bamboo, this chic little caddy keeps all of your cleaning essentials tidy and beautifully within reach.
    Simple and sturdy construction means they are stackable and come in handy to hold anything from buttons to bills.
    Porcelain Tray
    A place for everything and everything in its place! This neat little ceramic tray does more than just sit there, looking pretty (although it does that, too). Specially designed to hold our bottles neatly at sink side, our dishwasher safe porcelain trays protect your surfaces and look handsome doing it. They’re also great as a bedside catch-all for jewellery and a cool glass (or hot cup) of something, or on the hallway table for your keys.

    Large Murchison-Hume Calico Drawstring Bag
    Handy and Chic, these stylish calico bags are super versatile. From organising your shoes to storing your potatoes, onion and garlic neatly away from light, the possibilities are endless! Better for the planet than plastic and a whole lot better looking too.
  • 36 | EARTH DAY SWAPS 2018

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia


    You’ve all heard about how simple it is to make Earth-Friendly swaps like swapping out traditional light bulbs to more energy efficient LED light bulbs, but there are SO MANY MORE things you can do! The best part about these new swaps is, you might even enjoy some of them and some of them are just as good for YOU as they are for Mother Earth. 

    So in celebration of Earth Day 2018, which happens this Sunday, April 22nd, here are our Easy Earth Day swaps 2018. 


    1. Hang your clothes to dry (seriously)! 

    You don't have to go the full 50s housewife with an apron full of wooden clothes pegs and a Hills Hoist in the backyard (although that would be cool, too). There are smaller, indoor options available that can be used in the tiniest studio apartment with ease. Bottom line? Skip the tumble dryer when you can and your clothes, your energy bill and the environment will benefit.


    2. Change your toothbrush

    It takes more than 1000 years for a toothbrush to break down. ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Plastic toothbrushes are one of the world’s worst offenders when it comes to environmental pollution. By swapping out your current plastic toothbrush for one made of bamboo, you’re doing an easy switch that makes a huge environmental impact. Yeah, if that doesn’t make you think twice about that cheap bumper pack of plastic toothbrushes at the supermarket, I don’t know what will. Cheap is expensive.


    3. Drive slow & smooth 

    You know that Uber Driver who engages in hard acceleration and then abruptly stops? Don’t be that guy. That kind of driving isn’t just annoying, it’s terrible for your car, brakes and the environment!  Turns out, you can conserve all three by driving more smoothly. Imagine an egg on your brake and accelerator. Tread gingerly and don’t break it! Once you drive mindfully like this for a few weeks, you’ll start to do it automatically (and save money, fuel and maintenance). It’s win-win-win!


    4. BYOB

    You know this one, but what have you done about it? Go and buy a Brita filter and a chic, refillable drink bottle and you’re done! Bottled water creates over 60,000 tons of greenhouses gases a year in Australia alone. This is how you can help bring that number down. 


    5. Say NAH to Straws

    Plastic straws are a perfect example of those things we mindlessly use once and then toss. Make it a point to ask for “no straws” when you eat out, skip the plastic lid on your takeaway coffee too (better still bring your own KeepCup!). If you have to have a straw, get yourself some great looking stainless steel ones that you can wash and reuse. Easy.


    6. Re-Think what’s under your sink! 

    Of course, this is a shameless plug, but it’s legit. We use too many chemicals in our homes. Buying green cleaning products is one of the most effective ways you can lower the overall chemical count in your home. Beware of “eco-friendly” brands that only talk about what they don’t have. If they are all about “no synthetic fragrance” you’re probably buying a LOT of water and solubilizer (a chemical which makes oil mix with water). That’s not helping get your bench tops clean at all. Murchison-Hume products are glucosides; a sugarcane based soap that cleans just like the supermarket stuff, but does zero harm to the environment or aquatic life. 


    7. Bring a Better Lunch. 

    Take the hipster route and only eat leftovers in Mason jars. Of course they make last night’s dinner look great, but they’re also really effective at keeping food fresh and you can heat your lunch right inside. Save money, eat better, healthier food and skip the whole wasteful take-away packaging nightmare.




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