• 99 | All-Natural Pet Care

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    We all want the best for our family, and that includes our fur family.
    That's why we put the same care and quality ingredients into our all-natural Pet Care range as we do the rest of our home and hand care products.
    And we think it shows.
    No matter what mess your pup wallowed in, you will love our 100% natural Shampoo. It's gentle enough for sensitive doggy skin yet effective enough to deodorize even the most potent of smells. They'll be just as happy about it as you! Essential oils of lavender and peppermint work together to calm dry, itchy skin and maintain a lustrous coat. Our essential oil blend naturally repels fleas and ticks too.
    Use warm water for best results. Apply to a wet coat and rub in, starting from the neck and working back to the tail. Use with a damp cloth to clean face and ears, finishing with the paws. Rinse off and towel dry.
    We like a clean smelling dog all the time, not just after a bath. That's why we made Between Clean Waterless Wash so you can spot clean between baths. A quick spray and a rub with a towel and noses and pooches can live in harmony once more. If you're like us and can't say no to furry friends on the furniture this all-natural spray is a must (especially in wet weather!).
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    We love our fur friends, but unfortunately, they don't clean up after themselves.
    Luckily we've got everything you need to handle even the worst doggy messes, naturally.
  • 98 | The Feel Good Factor

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    Using natural products in the home that look and smell lovely doesn't just result in a naturally clean and lovely smelling house. It makes you feel good too! In more ways than one.

    Maybe what makes you smile is the satisfaction you get from reaching for a beautiful brown bottle that looks so good you can't bear to hide it away in the cupboard.

    Or perhaps it's a favourite fragrance that changes the way you feel about cleaning the bathroom or doing the laundry. Scent has a powerful and lasting effect on our mood and feelings, so swapping the smell of bleach or heavy artificial fragrances with natural essential oils is just better in every way.

    Then there's the reassurance of knowing that you're keeping your family (and our waterways) safe from harmful toxins and chemicals. That's enough to make anyone feel good.

    Once you associate these #feelgoodfactors with the 'mundane' things you do everyday your attitude towards them changes for the better, and that's why we're here.


  • 97 | Winter Wellness

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    Life is busy, and it's easy to forget that we need to take extra care of ourselves during the colder months to keep the Winter bugs & blues away.
    The good news is that the most effective way of limiting the spread of germs is also the simplest: Wash your hands! And teach the whole family to regularly and thoroughly do the same. Use a gentle liquid hand soap and follow with a nourishing hand cream. Also remember to clean high touch areas like door handles, mobile phones and keyboards to help keep the bacteria count in your home down.
    When we're run down and our natural defences are compromised we're way more likely to get sick, so make sure you're getting enough rest, as well as all the vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to stay in good working order. It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated when it's cooler so make sure you're drinking enough water too. 
    It's tempting to hibernate when the temperature drops, but getting out in the fresh air and soaking up some sunshine boosts vitamin D levels and improves your mood. Getting active and socialising are great stress relievers too. 
    Mould in the home is never a good thing but it can be extra prominent and problematic in Winter, triggering congestion and respiratory infections and aggravating asthma and allergies, so it's important to keep it under control. 
    Obviously quitting smoking has a huge impact on our health, and smokers are far more susceptible to the upper respiratory infections that are common in Winter, so now's the time to quit!

    Wishing you a happy & healthy Winter,
    Team MH.

  • 96 | Winter Skin Survival Guide

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    Dry air, cold winds, heaters & hot showers...the cooler months really are tough on skin. Keep yours healthy and hydrated throughout Winter and beyond with these simple tips, and our gentle, nourishing Fragrance Free Range...

    Do Moisturise: Ok so this one's pretty obvious but worth a reminder. Opt for products that include naturally nourishing ingredients to sooth and protect skin. Our Velvet Glove Hand Cream can be used all over and contains shea butter and natural seed oil to protect skin against dryness. Apply regularly, especially after washing hands and showering.

    Do Hydrate: It's easy to forget to keep your fluids up in when the temperature drops, remember to hydrate from the inside out and reap the benefits in your skin and general well-being.

    Don’t Overheat: Avoid really hot showers and excessive indoor heating where possible.

    Don’t Irritate: Lower temps mean dry skin and dry skin means sensitivity. Avoid harsh ingredients that may aggravate sensitive skin, obviously this applies to soaps, creams and lotions that you apply directly, but don’t forget the other household items you come into contact with everyday, dish soap, laundry soap etc. 

    Do Go Fragrance Free: If sensitive skin is a particular concern avoid heavily fragranced products that can cause irritation. Our Fragrance Free Hand Cream, Hand Soap and Dish Soap are ideal for dry and sensitive Winter skin, and for a limited time you can receive them for FREE ($64.80 value) when you spend $89 or more + FREE Shipping!

  • 95 | Winter Hand Care ūüĆł Japanese Quince

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    Regular hand-washing is more important than ever during cold & flu season, but the more they're washed, the dryer they get, especially during the colder months.  Luckily our new and deliciously scented Japanese Quince Hand Care is here, just in time to nourish and protect your hands this Winter.
    STEP 1 - Gently Cleanse
    Our Superlative Hand Soap lives up to its name, blended with shea butter and chamomile, it's superlative cleansing in a gentle formula designed to clean without drying.
    STEP 2 - Nourish and Protect
    A daily treat and invisible protection for hard-working hands, our Velvet Glove Hand Cream is rich with natural seed oil and beeswax to nourish and protect your skin against dryness.
    For a limited time receive a FREE Japanese Quince Superlative Hand Soap + Velvet Glove Hand Cream ($44.90 value) when you spend $80 or more + FREE SHIPPING! 




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