• 88 | The Clever Cleaner

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    Our Counter Intelligence is your natural all-purpose go-to for cleaning anything in the house: benchtops, table tops, high-chairs, pet bowls, toys, and everything in between. It's food safe, kid safe, pet friendly, easy to use and smells unlike anything you've ever cleaned with before. Suitable for use on any surface not harmed by water and safe enough to use in every room of the house.
    We operate under the "clean as you go" principal in the kitchen. Luckily, our Counter Intelligence looks super chic topside. Strong enough to take on everyday germs without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals. Perfect to use around your food prep areas (and your family).
    Our Advice: Regular use on high traffic areas like doorknobs, light switch covers and TV remotes will keep the bacteria count down and the whole house smelling fresh. 
  • 87 | Are You Using Too Much?

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    Most of us use waaaaaayy too much laundry detergent on our clothes. We just slug a bit into the machine and hope for the best. It's a waste of money and terrible for your clothes (not to mention the environment).
    We've got a better idea.
    The Right Tools:
    This sustainable cup takes the guesswork out of everything. We made it for measuring our Everything Laundry Soap, but this handy little cup is the perfect size for sterilising makeup tools, your derma roller, dosing out medicine (or measuring gin for the perfect martini). Made from durable, high-fire porcelain, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.
    Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.
    Directions: Measure liquid to cover the corresponding line. Use a soiled garment just prior to laundering to wipe the inside of the cup clean after each use. Clever! 
  • 86 | Easter Gifts For A #happyhealthyhome

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    Think outside the (chocolate) box this year with thoughtful gifts that are all about nurturing wellness and elevating the everyday. 
    Hand Care 
    Our Decidedly Rich Hand Creams and Superlative Hand Soaps are stylish and all-natural everyday essentials that everyone will appreciate. Available in Australian White Grapefruit and Original Fig fragrances, as well as Fragrance Free (perfect for those with extra sensitive skin and home chefs who don't want extra aromas in their kitchen). 
    Purchase individually or as part of our Hand Care, Sink-Side Style or Housewarming Deluxe Sets.

    DIY Hampers
    Our Bamboo Caddies are ideal for putting gift hampers together, fill them with  Hand Cream or Hand Care Sets, Porcelain Trays, Candles, ok and maybe a few choccy eggs, we're all about balance!
    Our Bamboo Caddies also make super cute 'nests' for the kids to leave out for the Easter bunny...best part is once the chocolate's come & gone they'll be left with something to encourage some bedroom organisation...Brilliant!
  • 85 | Hand Cream Hacks

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia

    Don't let the name fool you, our all-natural Hand Creams have you covered from head to toe!

    Not just a Decidedly Rich treat for your hands, our plant-based Hand Cream doubles as a lush body lotion, with natural seed oils and shea butter nourishing and protecting your skin all-over.

    Indulging in a Netflix marathon this weekend? Get cosy, slather your feet with some of our famous Hand Cream and pull on some cotton socks for an easy, at home spa treatment. That way you can legitimately be multi-tasking while you hit “next episode.” You’re welcome.

    A genius hair hack to try today: Our Shea-butter Hand Cream is great for protecting color-treated or dry + frizzy hair in an updo or before a blow dry. Just slick on to smooth down flyaway frizzies (like those annoying baby hairs at the hairline and the back of your neck). It’s also the perfect thing to hydrate parched ends.
    Give yourself a hand and keep one at your desk and each sink for instant hydration at your fingertips!

  • 84 | Why We're Here

    Posted by Murchison Hume Australia
    Did you know that Murchison-Hume was created when our founder Max Kater learned that her youngest son had inherited her allergic sensitivities to common cleaning products? After trying every “eco-friendly” option out there, the more she learned, the less friendly they seemed. Most didn’t work and others were loaded with synthetic dyes and fragrance. That was a problem.
    Armed with a Mother’s determination and an Editor’s eye for style, Max sought to create something that was genuinely safe and effective but also lovely to look at and a pleasure to use.
    Our mission at Murchison-Hume is to create the safest, best and most beautiful home cleaning products available and still make them an affordable luxury for every household.
    We all want the best for our family, and that’s why we’re here.




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